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General Features and Conventions of SeedViewer

Menus in the green bar at the top of every SEED Viewer page list options for interacting with the page.
Tool tips - [?] indicates a tool tip will appear when hovered above with the mouse. Underlined [?] indicates a clickable tool tip
that also links into a wiki page for a more detailed explanation
Text Entry Boxes - if the text box has a pulldown menu beneath it, as text is entered in the box the menu will be updated with only items
that match or contain the entered text.
Filtering Table Entries - filter the table by typing in text entry boxes in the column headers and hitting enter. Table entries that contain the typed text
will remain.
Sorting Table Entries - alpahnumerically sort or reverse sort with the respective triangle in a column header
Browsing Table Entries - use the next>> and last>> links to quickly browse tables with more than 10 rows

For a description of how to use the features on the different Seed Viewer pages, please follow the links below:

Home page
Organism page
Annotation page
Functional Role page
Subsystem page

For tutorials on accomplishing specific tasks, please follow the link below: