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SEED Viewer Annotation Page


This page offers access to the data relating to a feature. By default the Overview version of the page
is initially displayed providing the feature's function assignment, source organism, the role it performs
in a subsystem, and a graphic displaying it's genomic context. If this feature's function is associated with one
or more functional roles, each functional role's name will be displayed and linked to a SEED Viewer Functional Role page.
A part of a feature's function that is not also a functional role is NOT linked.
If this feature is included in a subsystem detailed information about this feature's role or roles in one or more subsystems is provided in a shaded box
at the top of the page on the right. The functional role names and subsystem names are linked to the
SEED Viewer Functional Role page and the SEED Viewer Subsystem page.
In the graphic each line represents a different genome. The genome of the feature that is the subject of this page
is on the first line with the subject feature in red and centered in a 16kb window. Features on the same line that have
a gray shadow are functionally coupled to the subject feature. Features in different genome that share the same color or
number are similar. Clicking 'Diverse Genomes' will change the genomes in the graphic to a set that is more phylogentically
distant to the subject feature's genome.
If there are no close genomes only a single line for the subject feature's genome will be present.
If no data for diverse genomes has been computed a message saying so will be be displayed.

Sequence Data

From the green bar at the top of page, selecting the 'This Protein' menu will give the user the choice of viewing the
this feature's DNA sequence, DNA with flanking sequence or amino acid sequence.


From the green bar at the top of the page, selecting the 'Tools' menu will give the user the choice of the following tools
to analyze this feature:
Gram negative PSORT
Gram negative SignalP
Gram positive PSORT
Gram positive SignalP
Gram negative CELLO
Gram positive CELLO


This menu list links to sources of literature discussing this specific feature. Currently PubMed is the only source.