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The NMPDR search facility provides many different ways to look for genes, genomes, or sequences in the NMPDR database. The following searches are currently supported.

DrugSearch Show in silico docking results for select PDBs.
FidSearch Display genes from one or more genomes filtered by subsystem or keywords.
OpSearch Display genes of a single genome organized into operons.
SigGenes Display genes that are common to a set of genomes, or that differentiate between two sets of genomes.
SubSearch Search for genes in a given subsystem or subsystem class.
ToolSearch Search for genes or DNA using BLAST or pattern-matching.
WordSearch Display genes that match certain keywords.

The results of a search will generally start with data for the NMPDR core organisms. All NMPDR searches allow you to download results in tab-delimited and XML formats. NMPDR searches that return a list of genes also allow you to download the genes in FASTA format.

Most NMPDR searches use a powerful Genome Control that allows you to choose one or more genomes according to various criteria. Some also use a search-engine style Keyword Box. The Keyword Box can also be found at the top of many of the NMPDR pages.

If you have a question about something in an NMPDR search form, mouse over the a question mark to get a hint. Click on the blue question mark to pop up the Wiki page on the subject. The blue question marks have been circled in the sample search form below.