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NMPDR is a Bioinformatics Resource Center. Each center specializes in certain pathogens. In NMPDR, we call these the core genomes or NMPDR genomes. The genomes not in the core set are considered supporting genomes.

On the Genome Control and in NMPDR Search Results, the core genomes are shown first.

The NMPDR core genomes come from the following generae or species:

For some genera, such as Vibrio, the genomes are divided into subgroups by species, or by pathogenicity. These subgroups are displayed in the Genome Control.

Although the core genomes are our primary focus, any complete genome for which we have reliable annotations is copied to the NMPDR as a supporting genome; however, not all of the search attributes are computed for all of the supporting genomes. Check the individual search pages (accessible from NMPDR Search) for more information about this.