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The RAST Update to Version 1.2 Included the following changes:

Improved Annotation Classifications

Improving the annotation classification methods, we can now classify a higher percentage of genes into subsystems, while still being very conservative.

Improved User Interface Flow

There have been various small changes to the User Interface to improve usability.

New Upload Formats

In addition to being able to upload FASTA files, we also accept GenBank files. This offers you the option of either having us recall the genes, or to preserve your genecalls.

New Features in underlying SeedViewer


We now have Scenario information for every genome running through the RAST Server available in the underlying SeedViewer. The information is available on the Organism page via the menu This Organism - Scenarios.

Comparison of Metabolic Reconstruction

On the organism page in the menu This Organism the link Compare Metabolic Reconstruction is now available. It allows you to compare the presence of subsystems in two organisms.