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FIGfams Release

Here you can find some statistics about FIGfams presented in a TabView. The different tabs show you information about the Size Distribution, the Subsystem Coverage and Quality Control of the FIGfams.

Size Distribution

This tab shows a graphic displaying the FIGfam Size against the FIGfam Quantity, for all releases of the FIGfams. For the latest release, you get a little table that tells you about the Version, the Date the release was done, the number of FIGfams (FIGfams Quantity) and the total number of sequences in FIGfams (Total Sequences).

Subsystem Coverage

The left bar in the graphics on this tab shows you the Subsystem Coverage of the FIGfams, meaning what percentage of the FIGfams is covered by subsystems. For these, you see a Category Distribution in the piechart in the middle. The tree right to the piechart lets you browse the categories shown in the piechart. For additional information how the use the graphics, see a similar graphic on the OrganismPage.

Quality Control

The third tab explains how Quality Control is made for the FIGfams using a small set of genomes. These are annotated using the FIGfams, and the annotations are compared against the current annotations of the genomes.