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The Find Window is present on every page in the SeedViewer. Type in a text and press the button Find to search for your keyword.


What it does

The given keyword is used to first search different categories in the SEED database for a perfect match (fast search) in the following order:



Feature IDs

Aliases to Features

If a perfect match is found, it returns the page for that match in that category (e.g. if you search for Escherichia coli K12, the SeedViewer will load the Organism Page for that organism.

If no perfect match is found, the listed categories will be searched again using an infix search (meaning that the keyword can be part of an organism, functional role etc.). The infix search may take a while. You will get a page that lists all search results for your search.

Special features

If your page has a defined genome (e.g. Organism Page, Annotation Page), you can type in a number and it will open the Annotation page for the feature ending with that number. This is helpful when you want to browse through Annotation pages of many features in a genome.